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Answering your family's questions about Lent

For Catholic school families, the season of Lent often means a season of ongoing discussions about things like “what are you giving up for Lent?”, “Are we going to the Fish Fry this Friday?”, “How long do I have to keep these ashes on my forehead?” (Or ‘why can’t I keep these ashes on my forehead all week?!”)

Here are five articles to help you answer your family's questions about Lent all season long:  

A detailed look at look at what the Church’s official documents say regarding the practice of fast and abstinence on Ash Wednesday.

Why we say there are 40 days of lent, the rules of fasting and more from The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Why abstaining from meat both reminds us of, and unites us to, the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

How one mom handles fasting rules for her kids during Lent.

Fast and easy meatless meal ideas from a family who decided to try meatless Fridays all year.



Are you looking for meatless meals to feed your family on Fridays in Lent and other days of absteninance?