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Catholic School teachers share the miracle of God’s love

Kathy Ferguson, a teacher at St. John School in Fenton teaches what she truly believes, and takes her pre-kindergarten class to Mass and adoration.

“We’re not quiet, I’ll be the first to admit it! We sing to Jesus and talk to him about what we’re thankful for. Before we enter the chapel, we ask ourselves, ‘Is there something I could change?’ If so, we ask Jesus and our Blessed Mother to come into our hearts to help.

Catholic Schools encircle your children with God’s love

For Kari and Todd Edwards Catholic schools are a great gift that teaches their children there’s no moment when your faith drops off and your real life picks up.

“It’s just been a great gift for us to have our children live out the hours of their days in an environment that is Christ-centered,” Kari says. “It has just been a blessing to our family, the way that Catholic schools really, truly do take the stance that they are h ere to assist families in forming their children.”

Bill and Theresa make Catholic Education a priority

For Bill and Theresa Martin, Catholic schools are a dynamic partner in their parenting journey – helping them raise smart, well-rounded and faith-filled kids.

The parents of Kelly, Rachel, Sam, Lucy and Alex, make Catholic schools a financial priority and believe the tuition is well worth it.

“If it’s that important to you, you’re not going to really put a price on it,” Theresa says.

Lansing Catholic High School Kicks Off Multi-Million Dollar Vision 20/20 Campaign

Lansing, MI – Lansing Catholic High School has announced “Vision 20/20,” a multi-year, multi-phase fundraising campaign.  When completed, Vision 20/20 will add to the Lansing Catholic campus, a new athletic stadium, relocate and update additional athletic fields, build a new performance gymnasium, build a new main entrance and lobby area, renovate the school library, update the cafeteria, and support academic programs including tuition assistance, the Kairos retreat program, mission trips, and teacher salaries.