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Answers to your questions about Diocese of Lansing Catholic schools

Summer vacation is here, but if you are still seeking better options for your child's next school year, visit This helpful website provides answers to many of your questions about each of the 33 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing, including school locations, contact information, details on enrollment, academics, faith, enrichment activities, and financial aid resources for Catholic schools in the Ann Arbor, Genesee County, Jackson, greater Lansing, and Livingston County areas.

Catholic Schools encourage friendships

One of the most important aspects of a child’s educational experience is friendship. Kids need to feel secure, valued and loved by their peers so that they have the confidence to challenge themselves, learn and grow. The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Lansing are committed to fostering an atmosphere where friendship with Jesus is the model for our school communities, and where children feel they belong.


St. Paul student's artwork will be featured nationally

The artwork of Isabel Migan, a seventh-grader at St. Paul Catholic School in Owosso, was selected in the Cross Catholic Outreach’s World Food Day contest. She submitted her artwork last spring, and received the news of her honor in February 2016. The contest featured original drawings promoting World Food Day, which will be celebrated on Oct. 16, 2016. Megan’s winning artwork will appear on posters in hundreds of schools across the United States, and also on World Day promotional materials. Once the poster is published, it will be available to view on Cross Catholic Outreach’s website at (Photo: Student Isabel Migan with her teacher Stephanie Smith from St. Paul Catholic School in Owosso).

Catholic High Schools Support Student Victories

High school can be about the big wins. State championships. Award-winning graduates. National rankings. They matter because they reflect a commitment to perseverance, excellence and an uncompromising desire to reach the most challenging goals. But at the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Lansing, we celebrate the small victories, too, because we know that high school students still need encouragement in order to grow in self-confidence, resiliency and courage. That’s why we thank the Lord for every opportunity He gives our students to discover His presence in their lives, win or lose. (Of course, we thank Him for those state championships, too!)

Catholic Schools let students realize their potential

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as watching children discover their potential. Whether they’re learning to tie their shoes, read a book, run a mile or solve a difficult math problem, children grow in resourcefulness, self-confidence and courage by meeting challenges and gaining new skills.

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing help students reach their personal potential is through a solid educational curriculum, giving students a strong understanding of the subjects they need to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Catholic School teachers share the miracle of God’s love

Kathy Ferguson, a teacher at St. John School in Fenton teaches what she truly believes, and takes her pre-kindergarten class to Mass and adoration.

“We’re not quiet, I’ll be the first to admit it! We sing to Jesus and talk to him about what we’re thankful for. Before we enter the chapel, we ask ourselves, ‘Is there something I could change?’ If so, we ask Jesus and our Blessed Mother to come into our hearts to help.