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Making Saints at Sacred Heart Catholic School

It’s not quite enough to say Beth Reamsnyder is faithful. More accurately, she is full of faith.

Beth talks about the role of faith at Sacred Heart, which she and Father Joe Krupp, the pastor, say is the core of the school’s mission: “The purpose of this school is to form saints. We are full of imperfections, and it may seem like sainthood is only for a selectively chosen few. However, that is not the case. We put in his capable hands what we are not capable of doing by ourselves. When you know that, you know he has you, whatever challenges you’re facing.

“We are called to sainthood because his love is perfect and he perfectly desires us to be with him for eternity. He desires us to be his own, his saints.

“This school is a testament to God’s desire for his saints. It’s a powerful little school that has been operating since the beginning of the Great Depression in 1928. It understands how to love and suffer and give. And that spirit of selflessness, giving and stewardship is reflected back by the community."

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"It's all because we let God in!"