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Small class size makes a big difference

Just how much does your kids’ class size really matter?

study by Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach at Northwestern University shows that class size alone can make or break much more than your children’s grades—it can affect the rest of their lives.

In a recent interview with Michigan Radio, Schanzenbach explains that "kids who were randomly assigned to the small classes were more likely to go on to attend college. They’re less likely to be involved in crime, they’re less likely to be a teenage parent, they’re more likely to save for retirement."

She also says small classes are particularly effective through 3rd grade, and for low income and minority children. 

One of the most concerning outcomes of larger class sizes, according to Schanzenbach is the long-run harm to “human capital formation.”

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing have always been committed to helping students realize their “human capital formation,” because we know that God creates each child uniquely for a purpose that only he or she can fulfill.

In addition to smaller than average student/teacher ratios in many of our schools, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing strive to  provide more than an excellent education-- they help students reach their full potential as people.

If your priority is an excellent education and certified teachers who are committed to the success, well-being and spiritual development of every child, consider one of the 33 schools in the Diocese of Lansing. Find a school near you in our 10-county area today.