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Tips for affording Catholic school

Each family situation is unique. If your priority is to provide your child with an excellent education in a faith-based environment, we encourage you to learn more about the tuition assistance options available through our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing.

Talk with your school’s tuition advisor, principal, or parish to learn more about the options available for affording one of the greatest gift you can give your child. As many parents, students and alumni have witnessed, a Catholic education is truly different, and it lasts a lifetime.  

Lansing Catholic High School tuition advisor, Renee Fischman, says parents should keep the following points in mind when considering the cost of a Catholic elementary or high school:

1. You have to believe that a Catholic education is worth the sacrifice. Regardless of income level, the decision for Catholic education reflects what you believe is important for your children. In that way, it as an investment.

2. Talk to school tuition advisors and school administrators. They are here to help families achieve their goal of Catholic education for their children. Assistance available through many school tuition offices and parishes.

3. Financial aid is available from the Diocese of Lansing. Application are due by March 1, 2017 to be eligible for the 2017-18 school year.

If you are considering a Catholic school for your child, but are concerned about the cost of tuition on your family’s budget, please take a moment to read more ways to make Catholic school affordable.

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