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Catholic schools make faith fun

While superheroes, princesses and kids in cute animal costumes lit up our social media pages this season, many Catholic school parents were also happy to take a costume to school for their child's All Saints Day school party.

By encouraging students to dress as their favorite saint and attend Mass together, many of our Catholic schools bring church heroes to life and have fun while teaching students about their faith. 

Catholic schools understand the pull of popular culture on our children. That is why All Saints Day serves as an important reminder for our children that throughout history men and women of great faith and courage heard and answered the call of God regardless of the consequences. These are the real "superheroes" we hope our children emulate -- heroes whose lives are built on the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.

From making holy days of obligation fun, to prayer and religion lessons woven throughout each class period, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing infuse each day—and each season—with the powerful message of faith. Witness the Difference this could make in your child's life. Find a Catholic school near you today!