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Helping Families Afford Catholic School

Sean Costello, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Lansing, believes more families would choose a Catholic school if cost wasn’t a factor because Catholic institutions have the opportunity to “educate the whole child.”

Costello says Witness to Hope, the diocesan-wide campaign which includes the goal of $12.5 million for a Catholic school financial aid endowment, will radically change support for Catholic schools within the Diocese of Lansing.

You can read more about the committment of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing to educate the whole child here

Parish schools now provide as many scholarships as possible, but it’s not nearly enough to meet the entire need of the families, Sean says. Besides providing financial aid, the campaign, he explains, will give teachers who are catechists the opportunity to grow in their faith through new programs and resources.

This amount from the capital campaign is going to help us march closer to meeting all the financial need in providing Catholic education to children,” Sean says. In addition to helping new families, the campaign will assist those families with children already in Catholic schools who are facing hardships.“This is going to have a huge impact on our Catholic culture,” Sean says. 

Many families need and receive financial assistance for Catholic school tuition. Learn more about affording the choice of catholic education