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Sacred Heart School

Letter from Principal

Welcome to Sacred Heart School, where we are in the business of making saints. As our name suggests, the love of Jesus is at the center of all we do to develop our students’ spiritual, academic and social growth. Through the efforts of teachers, parents and students, Sacred Heart offers excellent faith formation, academics and extracurricular opportunities in a unique and joyful environment.

At Sacred Heart, parents are encouraged to directly participate in their child’s education. You will find teachers and administrators who truly listen; opportunities to assist in your child’s classroom at all grade levels and an abundance of family-centered activities.  

From kindergarten through 8th grade, our stimulating curriculum and strong core educational foundation provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in any vocation to which they feel called in life. In addition to our challenging coursework and small class sizes, our students benefit from many opportunities to assume leadership roles, engage in public speaking and perform acts of Christian service.

Our doors always are open with the assurance that we will work, learn and pray together to give your child an exceptional educational experience. We hope you will join us. 


Sacred Heart Catholic School is dedicated to the ministry of providing excellent academics anchored in the Roman Catholic tradition, which nurtures children in Christian values and a life of service.



Sacred Heart School is dedicated to educating children with quality academics using traditional and innovative programs. Our small size and caring teachers enable students to receive individual attention and direction within the curriculum. We also use cutting-edge technology and tools such as Google classroom that, when combined with a focus on traditional subjects such as English, math, reading, science and social studies, results in a strong foundation of academic preparedness and success.



Helping our students deepen their faith year by year is at the heart of what we do. By giving them the tools they will need for continued growth in faith and knowledge as they enter the adult world, we hope to teach students to take ownership of their faith and prayer life. Along with religion class at each grade level, our daily school life revolves around Christ. Prayer is woven throughout our days. In addition, we attend weekly Mass and offer reconciliation and first Friday eucharistic adoration. We also use a virtue-based behavior program and try to develop in students a sense of hope, humility and patience as they interact with each other.      



From computer programming to cross country running, we offer many exciting activities for students and families. Extracurricular activities include drama club, scratch pad science and science club, computer programming, Quiz Bowl and euchre club. We also have a running and cross country club, and many of our students participate in sports and clubs through partnerships with our local school district. 

If you are interested in sending your child to Sacred Heart School but are concerned about the cost, please talk to us. Scholarships, family discounts, tuition payment plans and other options are available to make it possible. 

208 South Market Street
Hudson, Michigan 49247-1320

Phone: 517-448-6405
Fax: 517-448-2401

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