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St. John the Evangelist School

Letter from Principal  

Welcome to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, where students from preschool through 8th grade learn about love and knowledge in a faith-based setting.    

We believe in hands-on learning, a challenging curriculum, respectful behavior, leadership, service to our community and making a difference through prayer and action.   

As our students make a place for themselves here and beyond, we want them to excel, and to bring to their lives an ethical perspective and a commitment to help build a more just and humane world. 

We are able to achieve this through a distinguished faculty that draws on its extensive professional experience, involved and committed parents who share common values, and a foundation in the Catholic faith. These dedicated parents and teachers work in concert to guide our students and help them weigh their options, be decisive, be open to new ideas, always seek improvement, judge others carefully, be gentle in the care of the souls of those they influence, and inspire and nurture similar qualities in others. 

We believe that the best investment you can make is in your child's future. We invite you to see how St. John the Evangelist Catholic School can change the course of your child's life. 


St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is a faith-based community dedicated to teaching, learning, and living as Jesus did. 



The foundation for our students’ success starts in preschool, where we begin teaching all core areas of our curriculum, and build upon this in subsequent grades. In the elementary years, we embrace students’ inquisitive natures, and focus on literacy, language and numeracy, social interaction and faith building activities. As our students continue to improve their skills, we introduce more advanced material, including public speaking and writing. This progression continues in middle school, where we integrate technology. Because we want every student to succeed, we offer individual attention in every subject and regular assessments to measure the mastery of concepts and lessons. 

The value of our academic approach is tangible. Our MEAP scores regularly are among the highest in Genesee County, and our students consistently earn top spots at the Flint Regional Science Fair held at Kettering University.  

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is accredited through the Michigan Nonpublic Schools Accrediting Association and is a member of the Michigan Association of Nonpublic Schools (MANS) and the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). 



At St. John the Evangelist, we provide a Catholic Christian environment where academic and spiritual growth are accomplished by learning, worshipping and serving together. Students of all faiths are welcome at St. John and all students are expected to participate in all faith activities and assignments. 

We practice our Catholic faith daily by beginning and ending each day with a prayer written and shared by one of our students. Students also participate in weekly Mass by delivering the intentions and serving as lectors and altar servers. Each month, our school focuses on a virtue such as faith, kindness, honesty and self-control. Service also is central to our mission, and students have multiple Christian service opportunities throughout the year. We are committed to nurturing the values of the Gospel message in our daily contact with one another, our families and the community at large. We encourage parents to join us for weekly Mass, liturgical celebrations and prayer services. 




Students at St. John have access to debate, drama, music, band, performing arts, visual arts, student council and Scouts. We believe that athletics are a vital part of our students’ experiences and teach integrity, discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. Because of this, we have a no-cut policy for all sports. Our baseball, basketball, cross country, softball, spirit squad and volleyball teams participate in the Flint Area Catholic School League and our football teams also participate in the Valley Youth Football League.

514 Lincoln Street
Fenton, Michigan 48430-1808

Phone: 810-629-6551
Fax: 810-629-6651

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